Thursday, March 29, 2007

Windows as NFS Server

My colleague wanted to install something from a DVD disc on an old Sun Server. Too bad, it is far too old, it only has a CDROM drive. His notebook has a DVD drive, but it is running Windows. So, how can the Solaris 'mount' that drive ?

Not many people know that Microsoft has this piece of software called Windows Services for UNIX (SFU). If you install it, make sure you do a custom installation. Select all the modules and that include the NFS server module. Once that is done, you need to reboot the server.

Read How to: Set Up Server for NFS. It works exactly as any other NFS server, except the command and syntax.

Windows (x.x.x.x):
   nfsshare -o ro anon=yes cdrom=D:
   mount x.x.x.x:cdrom /mnt
Apart from NFS server, SFU offers a platform (Korn shell, C shell) for you to compile (gcc) codes. It also comes with a number of services, such as telnet daemon. IMHO, all systems engineers should install it. The only drawback is that it does not come with an X11 server. For X11 server, I need to rely on Cygwin/X.

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