Friday, July 04, 2008

Flash Storage Memory, Interview with Donald Knuth, ... from Communications of ACM

July 2008 Issue of the Communications of the ACM from Association for Computing Machinery has a lot of interesting articles. Here is the list of articles that I will have to find time to read and I hope you will share the same interest:
  • Clouding Computing
  • Beautiful Code Exists, If You Know Where to Look
  • Interview, The ‘Art’ of Being Donald Knuth
  • XML Fever
  • Flash Storage Memory
  • Web Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Web

The PDF format for this Issue is available for download, look for the download link on top of the page to get an offline version before they take it away.

How I knew about it ? It was mentioned in Jonathan Schwartz's blog regarding Solaris on Wall Street - Faster and Faster. He mentioned Adam Leventhal (one of the DTrace developers) wrote an article in Communications of the ACM:

our own Adam Leventhal has added a far more fulfilling technical perspective in Communications of the ACM: Flash Storage Memory.Worth the read...

Do you know that Sun Microsystems is working on Flash SSD Product Line. See this official press release, and for technical information you can download the BluePrint - Optimizing Systems to Use Flash Memory as a Hard Drive Replacement

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