Thursday, February 25, 2010

CPU/Load Utilisation In A Gradient Plot

By taking advantage of RRDtool's CDEF, I am able to superimpose the CPU Load utilisation over the original CPU utilisation graph. The gradient for Load/#CPUs is from 0 to >2.0, with 0 as green (system is completely idle) to 1 as yellow (100% utilised) to >2.0 as red (system is heavily loaded). The gradient interval is at a step of 0.1 and the utilisation graph shows up pretty cool.

It is pretty hard to work with CDEF 'cos you have to program it in reverse polish notation. Once you get one gradient correct, you just have to repeat it for the rest. Here is sample CDEFs showing a few of the gradients:

CDEF:load=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1,GT,2,0,IF  \
CDEF:load10a=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.00,GT,cpu,0,IF \
CDEF:load10b=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.10,LT,cpu,0,IF \
CDEF:load10=load10a,0,EQ,0,load10a,0,EQ,0,load10b,IF,IF \
CDEF:load20a=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.10,GT,cpu,0,IF \
CDEF:load20b=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.20,LT,cpu,0,IF \
CDEF:load20=load20a,0,EQ,0,load20a,0,EQ,0,load20b,IF,IF \
CDEF:load30a=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.20,GT,cpu,0,IF \
CDEF:load30b=cpu_load,UN,0,cpu_load,IF,cpu_total,UN,1,cpu_total,IF,/,1.30,LT,cpu,0,IF  \
CDEF:load30=load30a,0,EQ,0,load30a,0,EQ,0,load30b,IF,IF \



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