Monday, June 18, 2007

Generic Web-based Plotting Tool using RRDtool

This web-based plotting utility has been evolved from a simple line plotting tool (see Part 1, Part 2) to a very generic web frontend based on RRDtool. It is able to plot any type of 2-D data ( GAUGE or COUNTER), whether the timestamp is in epoch or ISO 8601

To plot cpu utilisation, the user/sys/wio/idle portion stacking on top of one another.

To plot network utilisation, we can introduce a factor of 8 (converting bytes to bits) for the inOctets and -8 for outOctets so that the ingoing and outgoing network traffics are separate by the zero axis.

BTW, the whole implementation is carried using:

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Blogger Unknown said...

Can the application interpose several other system graphs?

10:08 AM  

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