Monday, August 04, 2008

How To Use Google

I realised that a lot of people do not know some of the advanced (or hidden) features in Google. Suppose you are looking for "malware" and found this link
very useful. Do you know that you can get Google to dig out all the PDF files from the same conference/seminar/workshop (in this case, Hotbot '07) by keying in the following in Google inurl:hotbots07 filetype:pdf There you go, you just discovered 12 articles from that workshop. If you have all the time to read Usenix technical papers, you can change inurl:hotbots07 to inurl:full_papers. BTW, I found 3,350 PDF files.

Other tricks are also very useful:

  • intitle:, if you want certain words in the title
  • intext:, that's the default settings, text appears in body
  • -intitle:experimentation, exclude search results with the word 'experimentation' in the title
  • -experimentation, exclude search results with the word 'experimentation' in the body
  •, limit you search to domain in ''
  • "birds of a feather", to ensure all the words in the double quotes appear together
  • "Birds of a feather * together", you are not sure what is the word between "Birds of a feather" and together
  • sgd to hkd, currency conversion from SGD to HKD
  • 103993/33102, google can do calculation
  • m to in, unit conversion (metre to inch)
  • any many more....

Hope you are able to discover the Nuggets.



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