Monday, March 12, 2012

OCBC Cycling Analysis

After participated in the recent OCBC cycling, I am eager to analyse the results. Here is my first attempt.

These are my findings

  • Raced flagged off at 6:30am, which is the offical start time for the 39km race
  • The first 6 batches of cyclists were staggered to start then followed by the rest of the participants.
  • Start time cut off at around 7:10am. This is likely to prepare for the next race which is suppose to start at 7:30am
  • A very small group of cyclists started after 7:30am. I supposed these are the late comer which missed the cut off time and managed to sneak in to the next race.
  • Majority of the professional cyclists registered early (assuming the smaller the race number, the earlier the registration)
  • Beginners or novice cyclists (like myself) tend to registrate late.

gnuplot command file:

set title "OCBC Cycling Singapore 2012\n39km The Challenge"
set terminal png size 900,500
set output 'data39.png'
set ylabel 'Race No.'
set key box
set xdata time
set format x '%H:%M'
set timefmt '%H:%M:%S'
set xtics 900 rotate by -90 scale 0 font ",8"
set xrange ['06:15:00':]
set grid
plot \
'data39.txt' using 2:1 with points title 'Start time', \
'data39.txt' using 3:1 with points title 'End time', \
'mytime.txt' using 2:1 with lines title 'My time'

$ cat mytime.txt 
37807 05:30:00
37807 10:00:00

30000 06:47:27
55000 06:47:27

30000 08:24:14
55000 08:24:14

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Blogger Jorge said...

which is chart type you selected on gnuplot and which are the settings for the shown example?


9:29 PM  
Blogger chihungchan said...

I include gnuplot command in the original post. Hope you like it

9:40 PM  
Blogger Jorge said...

yes I like it, what is the format of the "mytime.txt" to get the 3 blue lines highlighting your times?


3:58 AM  
Blogger chihungchan said...

See the post. Comment does not allow me to present the data in a fixed format

8:10 PM  

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